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Your question may be down here. If not please drop us a message and we will contact you as soon as we got that. Plastic Products Manufacturers

How can I get a quotation for my plastic project?

Simply drop a message through our website, whatsapp no, viber no or just send a mail to along with a drawing or specification of your product.

How can I get a quotation if I do not have a product specification or drawing?

Either you can send us a sample of your product.

I do not have a sample, drawing or any specification? Can I get a quotation for my project?

Yes. You can contact us through any mode. Our professional team will contact and assist you in every possible.

What is plastic injection moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process that produces parts through the heat-based injection of molten plastic materials into a mould. The molten plastic then hardens, thus creating a component or part with the exact shape and specifications of the hollow mould.

This process is used to produce high volumes of parts without sacrificing manufacturing accuracy or speed – and its benefits are catching on. In fact, the global injection molding market was valued at $283.54 billion in 2016, and demand is still on the rise.

Why use injection moulding for my product?

Plastic injection moulding offers unmatched versatility; plastic parts can be used across virtually any industry. The most common plastic injection moulding applications are typically found in the packaging, consumables, electronics, automotive & transportation, construction, and medical device industries.

How do I know if injection moulding is the right process for my product?

This depends on your product – specifically, its design, purpose and anticipated production cycle. Your budgetary considerations will also be a factor. With that in mind, components with more complex geometries and a highly repetitive manufacturing process are excellent candidates for injection moulding.

How do you mould plastic?

In short, plastic injection moulding works by melting the plastic, which is then subsequently exposed to high pressure and injected directly into a mould. Once the material has cooled, it will become solid and ready for release. Plastic Products Manufacturers

How does a plastic injection mould work?

First, the mould is inserted into an injection moulding machine. The machine’s clamping tools ensure that it remains closed during the moulding. Next, plastic is injected into the machine in form of pellets or granules and is heated until it liquefies. While under pressure, the plastic is fed into the mold, still being held within the moulding machine. Once the liquid inside the mould cools, the solid-plastic product or component is ready for use.

What kind of plastics can I use?

The most common material for plastic injection moulding is thermoplastic, a polymer which becomes mouldable when exposed to a specific temperature and solidifies when cooled. 

How long does it take to build a mould?

Bionique Lanka’s custom tooling can produce even the most intricate moulds within a limited time frame while maintaining cost efficiency. The production timeline really depends on your specific needs, ranging from short-term aluminum tooling to the manufacturing of millions of components.

Does Bionique Lanka offer short or long production runs?

Bionique Lanka offers both high and low volume production runs for custom products at any scale. Our industry experience and state of the art, in-house technology enables us to go beyond typical custom molding and make an entire production process both efficient and scalable.

What secondary services are offered on my injection moulded product?

Bionique Lanka Pvt Ltd handles injection moulding part assembly with ease. With the help of the single sourced approach, these secondary services shorten the time in which you can get your hands on a fully functional and customized product.

We can fulfill as many services as you’d like from our wide range of secondary options including assembly, painting, tapping, hot stamping, insertion, trimming, sorting and special packaging.

How do I get started?

Bionique Lanka Pvt Ltd manufactures custom injection moulds and supports tooling across all design, development, and production stages.  Bionique Lanka accepts a variety of CAD formats and will even work from drawings, sketches, models or pre-existing parts.

To learn more about our services or how you can get started on your own project, contact our team today.

Where are my plastic injection moulding parts produced?

Production takes place in our manufacturing plants located in Madapatha & Horana Sri Lanka. 

Will Bionique Lanka Pvt Ltd run my production parts for me after making my plastic injection mould?

Yes. Not only do we manufacture injection moulds for our customers, we also provide production services for any quantity of parts, from prototypes to full production. We have many customers who have us do multiple production runs of their parts for them, throughout the year. We only charge a $150 setup fee for a production run, compared to our competitors who will typically charge $500-$800. And, if you order parts with the production of a new plastic injection mold, we will waive the setup fee.

What are Bionique Lanka (Pvt) Ltd's terms and conditions?

We require a 50% down payment with your purchase order. The remaining 50% is to be paid upon sample approval. Production runs require a $150 setup fee, with prepayment for the parts. The setup fee will be waived if the parts are ordered on the tooling purchase order.

Where is the tooling for my plastic injection mould done?

Tooling is done in our manufacturing facility in Madapatha, Sri Lanka. We only use the highest quality materials for our plastic injection moulds. We stand behind our quality with our lifetime mould guarantee. As long as you continue to run parts in our facility, we will make any necessary repairs or refurbishments, at our cost, for the life of your mould.

What is the warranty given to moulds done by by Bionique Lanka Pvt Ltd?

We provide different plastic injection mould types, with different warranties, to suit your production requirements. If you need a prototype or low-volume part mould, we guarantee our prototype moulds for up to 10,000 pieces. But if you require a higher volume of your plastic parts, we provide a Lifetime Mould Warranty on all our production moulds.

A lifetime plastic injection mould warranty means that we will maintain and refurbish the mould as needed, at no cost to you, for the life of your mould. As long as we’re running your parts in our manufacturing facility, your mould is covered with a lifetime warranty.

Can Bionique Lanka (Pvt) Ltd help me choose the best material for my plastic parts?

The plastic material used is ultimately the customer’s decision. We will be happy to discuss material generalities, and we have a material list to help you narrow down your options. Advice will be given like material characteristics such as “high impact” and “UV resistant” to help you choose a suitable material for your part application. Our expertise is in the processing of a wide range of thermoplastics, and building the tooling for injection moulding, so you may want to work with resin manufacturers or polymer consultants to get specifics about the performance of various resin types and grades.

How confidential to work with Bionique Lanka (Pvt) Ltd?

Bionique Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has very strict policies and procedures in place to protect our customers’ proprietary information. We treat all physical and digital information with the utmost confidentiality. All our staff are legally bound by an annual blanket Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and you are also welcome to provide us with your own company NDA

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